Your skin is one of the most important assets of your entire appearance, your skin is capable to absorb any damage and deflect any bad particle from outside. However, your skin may become dirty and looks awful if you are not maintain them. Therefore, make sure to use body lotion to ensure that your body will gain nutrition from the body lotion and your skin absorbs all the goodness from the body lotion. However, putting on body lotion on your skin should be done correctly to ensure the effectiveness of the body lotion. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to put on lotion properly on your skin, for the best lotion for your face, I recommend you to get generic Tretinoin cream here.

The first step is purchase body lotion from your nearest local store. Since there are so many brands of body lotion to choose from, you need to choose the one that right for you according to its functions. For example, if you are having dry skin, you will need to get body lotion that has capability to heal and provide ultra moisturizing. You may also choose the body lotion with different scent.

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Improving Your Skin using Proper Cream

The next step is applying small amounts of body lotion into your palm and warm. You will need to apply the body lotion into the whole body. Make sure to pay special attention to areas that prone to dryness such as hands, legs, elbows and also knees. Make sure to apply the body lotion after a show or bath to ensure the moisture on your body is retained. After that, let the body lotion fully absorbed to your body before you put on clothing.

The next step is applying more body lotion after several hours. This way, you can protect your skin from outer force such as sunlight and also ensure that your skin get all of the goodness of the body lotion.

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